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Capitol Hill riots described as Donald Trump’s ‘coup attempt’

Capitol Hill riots described as Donald Trump’s ‘coup attempt’

Capitol Hill riots described as Donald Trump's 'coup attempt'

According to the foreign news agency AFP, in the presentation of the results of the year-long investigation, the special committee found an attempt to provoke the divided country into a deep and ongoing conspiracy which was hatched by the former president to hold the 2020 elections. The results could have been reversed had Joe Biden won.

Liz Cheney, vice-chairman of the panel for the Republicans, said in initial remarks that President Trump called the crowd together and incited them to attack.

Earlier, Democrat Committee chief Benny Thompson accused Donald Trump of playing a key role in the conspiracy.

He said that January 6, 2021 was the culmination of a coup attempt, as a rioter presented himself to overthrow the government after January 6, the violence was not an accident, the riots were motivated by the US President. By marching on Congress and through legislators who obstructed Biden’s formal transfer of power.

Behind closed doors, the panel carefully included testimonials from senior and trusted advisers to Donald Trump, including former Attorney General Bill Barr, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior aide Jared Kishner.

Research to detect sabotage

The purpose of the panel is to demonstrate that Donald Trump, along with his close associates, illegally seized power through a wider campaign of sabotage, violating the constitution and peacefully transferring power from one administration to another for more than two centuries. There was an obstacle.

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The five hearings on Thursday and in the coming weeks will focus on Donald Trump’s role in trying to deprive millions of voters of the right to vote in order to return to the Oval Office.

Donald Trump has dismissed the investigation as baseless and politically motivated.

The committee wants to make a case that Donald Trump had been preparing for the election for months through lies and deception, which his own government has called a safe election.

Thursday’s hearing included the direct testimony of two people who spoke to members of the neo-fascist organization Proud Boys.

Emmy-winning British documentary filmmaker Nick Questd testified about his experience and interactions with members of the Proud Boys.

Nick Quest recalled that he was shocked to see the anger of the group members which had turned into a large gathering of protesters and then a revolt.

“I was shocked at the size, the anger and the rudeness of the group,” he said.

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards stated that she had suffered head injuries in clashes with Proud Boys.

“All I can remember is that my breath was stuck in my throat because I saw the war scene, it was something like what I saw in the movies,” he said.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, the officers were lying on the ground, they were bleeding, my friend had blood all over his face and I was addicted to people’s blood,” he said.

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