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Biden slams ‘extreme’ Supreme Court for ‘tragic error’ on abortion

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Biden slams ‘extreme’ Supreme Court for ‘tragic error’ on abortion

Biden slams 'extreme' Supreme Court for 'tragic error' on abortion
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According to AFP, angry President Joe Biden on Friday called on voters to stand up to the Supreme Court’s “tragic mistake” in revoking the constitutional right to abortion and warned that an “extreme ideology” already outweighs other rights.

“The court has done what it has never done before – clearly deprived a constitutional right that is so fundamental to many Americans,” Biden told the conservative-influenced Supreme Court’s “Ro vs. Wade.” He said in the White House after the overthrow.

In my view, this is a tragic mistake of the Supreme Court. Biden

Democrats vowed to do everything possible to prevent abortion access, but with the Supreme Court snatching away federal rights and often empowering anti-abortion state legislators, he acknowledged that his hands were wide open.

He said the only way to make sure right now is for Congress to restore Roe v. Wade reservations as federal law. “No administrative action by the president can do that.”

Biden did not hide his anger because he described some of the laws that emerged from the states as “endangering the health of millions of women.” In some cases, she said, state legislators are allowing women to be “punished for protecting their health” and forcing women to “raise their raped child.”

Biden alleges that with this decision, the Supreme Court has made the United States an “outsider” in the world.

Indicating the Democrats’ intention to make the abortion debate a key part of their campaign to retain control of Congress in the November midterm elections, Biden said the fight is just beginning.

According to Biden, the abolition of the constitutional right to abortion also threatens the future of other social issues where the Supreme Court has previously ruled in favor of individual preference, including contraception and same-sex marriage.

“I warn of how this decision threatens the wider right to privacy,” Biden said, referring to the historic 1973 “Ro” decision. And they’re connected. “

“This is the” extreme and dangerous path that the court has now taken for us, “he said.

Urging workers to remain peaceful, Biden said the answer must come in the election. “Voters need to hear their voices. This fall, you should elect more senators and representatives who will once again regulate women’s right to vote in federal law.”

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