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Leh Ladakh Tour: Top Places to Visit – News Line

Leh Ladakh Tour: Top Places to Visit



Leh Ladakh Tour: Top Places to Visit

Leh Ladakh is about a place that gives an unforgettable experience that can’t be expressed in words. Places in Leh Ladakh have a bundle of attractions filled with extremely pristine beauty. Leh Ladakh has a blended culture of Indian and Tibetan as well as Buddhism linings. Going on a tour for a holiday to this charming land like Ladakh is surely a lifetime experience. Leh Ladakh has Valleys, lakes villages, museums, and Montessori. It is a confluence of so many popular and awesome things. Once Leh Ladkha was considered a Biker’s paradise because Ladakh was not considered a family place back then. Leh Ladakh has harsh weather and challenging terrain.


For the last few years, Leh Ladakh has become the face of tourism in India. Everyone wants to go to Leh Ladakh. It is no longer a Bikers place but you can enjoy it in several places.


This article will let you know the places to visit this land of high passes.




Pangong lake is 4350 m high in the Himalayas. Pangong has a picturesque mountain in its background with blue water and landscape vistas. The beauty of this lake would teleport you into the fantasy world. Pangong lake is a popular tourist spot. This place got its name from the Tibetan word Pangong Tso which means the high grassland. It is interesting and attractive among tourists because it changes its colour and it appears blue, green, red and grey at different points in time. If you wish to visit Leh Ladakh you should visit Pangong Lake and you will feel true bliss to visit here.


Best months to visit- May to September




Zanskar valley is one of the best tourist attractions in Leh Ladakh and is one of the must visit places to add in your Leh Ladakh tour package. If you are visiting Leh Ladakh with less crowd this Zanskar valley would be a good option to visit.

Zanskar valley falls into the remote area of Ladakh which is a pristine hill retreat with Tibetan- Style Montaseries and snow-covered peaks. Zanskar valley is quite popular among adventure enthusiasts especially the chadar trek in Zanskar Valley. A few main attractions in Zanskar valley and  Manzella include camping, a visit to the Gelugpa monastery at Karsha village and river rafting, etc.


The best month to visit- June to September is considered as the best months 




This highest motorable pass Khardung La pass is a must-visit place in Leh Ladakh. This pass is a getaway to Nubra valley and Shyok Valley. Khardung might not be a tourist attraction place but this is a must visited place because of its beauty. Khardurga is elevated at 5359 m and around 12 km away from Leh. At Khardung La pass you may enjoy the tea and refreshment at the army canteen as you will see the Tibetan prayer flags. There are some army camps that serve soldiers to the Siachen Glaciers.


 The best month to visit- May to September is considered as the best months 



Magnetic hills are the most popular tourist attraction in Ladakh. This Gravity hill is an interesting place where science takes a backseat and gravity has no meaning. The Indian Government has some clear instructions for the tourists who visit there. There is a yellow board sign in magnetic hills which instructs you to park your vehicle at the base with white points on the road. If you park your bike at that spot your bike will automatically move forward. Magnetic hill is located on Leh- Kargil- Baltik national highway. and it is 30 km away from Leh at an elevation of 14000 ft above sea level. This place is a worth experiencing and most visited place in Leh Ladakh



The best month to visit- May to September 



Your holidays in Ladakh are not complete if you don’t visit Shanti stupa which is a white-domed Chorten located in Chanspa. Shanti Stupa is just 5 km from Leh and one of the best tourist attractions in Leh. Shanti Stupa was built in the years between 1983 and 1991 and it was commissioned by the Japanese monk for the completion of 2500 years of Buddhism culture. This peaceful Buddhist monument is in the extreme north of India. If you visit there you should not miss the opportunity to see the sunrise and sunset views. This panoramic view of the Landscape makes the Shanti stupa one of the best tourist places in Ladakh.



The best month to visit- May to September is considered as the best months 

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