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Hampta Pass Trek: Complete Travel Guide – News Line

Hampta Pass Trek: Complete Travel Guide



Hampta Pass Trek: Complete Travel Guide


The Hampta Pass journey is one of the most special journeys in the Himachali terrain. It provides the utmost contradicting geographies that offer a genuine shock to the system. When reaching the top of Hampta Pass, you’re eating onto an opening of a different macrocosm.


Key Details – Hampta Pass Trek

Of course, reaching the top & the crossing of the Hampta Pass itself is an inexpressible feeling. Getting to see similar places veritably many get to witness. The physical strength and internal challenges you get to overcome; the most intimate and favored bonds of fellowship with your fellow adrenaline junkies (a.k.a. musketeers for life). Eventually getting to understand what it means when folks say the mountains are calling, and I MUST GO! – it’ll be an entrancing trip!


About Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek is surely on the easier side when compared to its peers. So, while the adrenaline pumping and jaw clenching feeling might not be commodity seasoned pedestrians would witness, it’s surely a great way for newcomers to get into the touring model.

Of course, this isn’t to say that seasoned pedestrians won’t enjoy the journey – the sheer breadth of diversity in views will be worth the trouble – from glacial denes to lush green ranges – the trip has it all covered.


Duration and Position

The Hampta Pass Trek is a 5-6-day journey that starts from Manali in Himachal Pradesh. This beautiful journey is girdled by amazing falls, flowers, and maple timbers. It’s suited for newcomers as it has enough of the audacious feels attached to it. So, the Hampta Pass itself connects the “ Valley of Gods’ ‘ called Manali to “ The Middle Land’ ‘ called Spiti vale.

On one side, it’s girdled by champaigns and sensations while another side is the raw vacated fineness of Spiti. Generally, folks cross over from the Hampta Pass and head towards Chandratal Lake. On the last day, if the roads are open, you’ll also get a chance to see the amazing Chandratal lake.

You don’t need to worry about adaptation for the Hampta Pass Trek. Still, as you’ll be reaching 14000 bases, it’s always recommended to take a rest and go easy to enjoy the beauty of this journey.


Best Time to do Hampta pass journey

This Trek runs from June to September, but the best season to go for Hampta pass is from mid-June to September barring thunderstorm time. In the starting month of June, it may be that the roads to Chandratal Lake might not be open.

Getting to visit the crescent moon-shaped lake, shining the sky across its face is an indelible experience and shouldn’t be missed. Else, you can do the Hampta pass journey anyway during this period.


Position of the base camp

A large number of pedestrians come on this beautiful journey to enjoy nature.


Weather at Hampta Pass

Summer or Monsoon season being the most favored time for the journey, you’ll get to witness the puck-tale of Himalayan rainfall. During the morning of the season, you’ll hopefully witness snow around the region.

Snow starts melting around July, still, you should anticipate rain on the Manali side from the middle of July. Spiti Valley doesn’t experience showers as we know and you’ll get to experience bright sun (and tropical rainbows, unicorns, butterflies) in this period!


The maximum temperature at Hampta Pass journey remains in the range of 12 deg C to 20 deg C while the minimum temperature is from-6 deg C to 4 deg C.

Having lived in the hills & having traveled considerably in beautifully survived places ( including the roughly cold downtime months). I’m a STRONG religionist that rainfall is the result of making people happy.

When it’s hot (ala Delhi rainfall) and sticky (like the rainfall in Mumbai), the natural tendency of the body (and the soul?) is to be bothered. Change the decor, change the rainfall, and you’ll see everyone be happy & happy with life! What do you suppose? Comment below!


How to reach Hampta Pass – Hampta pass trek route

Manali is well connected by road. It’s around 550 km down from Delhi and 310 km down from Chandigarh. Breakouts & train services get you to a certain point and also you’ll have to calculate on the road network. After reaching Manali, you can fluently travel to Jobra, the basecamp of the Hampta Pass journey.

By Air

There’s no field at Manali. The nearest field is at Bhuntar which is about 50 km down from Manali. You can take a flight to Bhuntar and also speak a hack or take a direct machine to Manali.

By Train

No direct trains run to Manali. Still, you can take Shatabdi to Chandigarh and hire a hack/ take a machine till Manali. In order to reach Jobra, you’ll have to speak a hack by yourself from Manali itself. The hack costs around Rs 1500 – 2000 bucks.

By Road

This is the route to the base camp of the Hampta Pass journey which can be covered by road. Delhi to Sonipat to Panipat to Karnal to Ambala to Rajpura to Sirhind to Fatehgarh sahib to Ropar/ Rupnagar to Kiratpur –to Swarghat to Bilaspur to Sundernagar to Mandi to Kullu to Manali


Accommodation at Hampta Trek

You’ll have to carry your camping gear or canopies if you’re doing this journey by yourself. There are no options for renting the roof between the journey. Still, you can take camps or canopies at rent from Manali. Or you can hire janitors to carry your roof from Manali. While at Manali, there are enough options available to stay from luxurious lodges to dorm caravansaries.

Once you’re at Chatru, you can also plan to stay at PWD Guest House.



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