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What do you need paddock stands for? News Line

Do you need front and rear paddock stands?

What do you need paddock stands for?

Sport bikes or high performance bikes nowadays come only with  a side stand. They don’t come with a double stand (aka center stand) to serve the functions of a paddock stand. There are various scenarios where we may  need a paddock stand. Let us discuss in detail- do you need front and rear paddock stands?

Front and rear paddock stands

Paddock stands provide solid stability to the bike so that it can stand on its own without any tilt. Once a paddock stand is engaged then your bike will stand like a statue- no wobbles.

If you want to work on your bike then the side stand becomes a headache and the bike continuously moves. Also, a fear is always there that the bike may fall and hence you are unable to focus on the work. And if the work is lubing the bike’s chain or replacing the old engine oil may God help you, as then a side stand is just an annoying thing to deal with. In those cases, a paddock stand for bikes indeed becomes a necessity. 

Now, in this blog, we will also discuss some of the advantages of paddock stands which are beyond the obvious and don’t come to people’s mind easily. Lastly, we will see how we can engage a paddock stand.

Paddock stands are of the following types- bobbin style, cup style and single-sided swingarms.

Bobbin style

These are precise paddocks which fit into the bobbins of the swingarms. It’s better to test of it works for your bike before buying it as all swingarms don’t have bobbins and you can’t screw a bobbin in every swingarm.

Cup style

If the bobbin style paddock stand didn’t work for your bike then there are great chances that the cup style paddock stand will do the work. This paddock stand is not so precise and has a cup type structure with which it will lift your bike. So, there is more scope for it to hold your bike.

Single sided swingarm

The above two were only for double sided swingarm bikes. But many sports bikes have a single sided swingarm. These bikes need specially structured paddock stands for them which are single sided.

Let us guide you regarding the cost. Cup style paddock stands are cheaper and there is no need for you to buy a bobbin style paddock stand unless you are very sensitive regarding that tiny movement which cup style paddock stands can make. Also, you will get either a one piece paddock stand or a two piece for easy shipping. The two piece ones cost less but let me inform you that they are a lot less stable than the one piece paddock stands. Two piece paddocks have joints with bolts holding the two sides which may cause movement and hence instability.

Paddock stands can be purchased for both front and rear wheel. You can buy any and can use  both for added stability.

So what are some unique uses of paddock stands?

Paddock stands save time and energy?

How? You may ask. Well when you are working on your bike with only the side stand deployed then chances are you will have to check if it’s properly deployed time and again because there will be movements when you are working on your bike. Also, if you want to lube the chain of your bike or may even do some other work on it, then you may have to tilt it time and again. This drains your energy.

On the contrary, a paddock stand is easily deployable and doesn’t take a lot of time. Surely it may take some time for the first time but soon you will get accustomed. After engaging the paddock stand you can work on your bike without worrying.

Paddock stand can work as a safety feature

Here, we are not only thinking about your own safety but also the safety of your beloved bike. Just imagine a scene (God Forbid)- you are working on your bikes and doing regular maintenance and that leads to movements and bam your bike falls. It may injure you if it falls upon you and it is sure to sustain some damage itself even if it doesn’t fall upon you.

But a paddock stand will give rock solid stability and your bike cannot fall if you have engaged a paddock stand properly.

Paddock stands improve lifespans of several components

Here, I’m gonna tell you a unique use of the paddock stand. You can deploy the paddock stand to increase the lifespan of the side stand of your bike and also tyres. No matter even if you are not using your bike, the tyres will be under the load of the bike. So, let the load be shared onto the paddock stands. And, the same thing applies for the side stand. It takes the load of the bike all the time. So, it will slowly bend. Let the paddock stand  share some burden!

These were all the uses of  a paddock stand.

Now let us discuss how can you engage a paddock stand

Bring the stand near to the wheel. Then bend it towards you and let it settle to the swingarm. Then just push the handle area of the paddock which joins the two sides of the stand with your foot towards the ground. That is, lower it to the ground. Done!

In a nutshell, if you like to get your hands greasy and maintain your bike yourself then a paddock stand is a good addition to your garage. Talking of which, we also have the best bike care products with us. Don’t forget to check them out.

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