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Russia-Ukraine war, details of losses released

Russia-Ukraine war, details of losses released

Russia-Ukraine war, details of losses released

According to the foreign news agency, Russia and Ukraine released details of each other’s losses in the war.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian Armed Forces and the separatist administration of Donbass were advancing in Ukraine and that residential buildings were being taken under control.

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Speaking about the damage to Ukraine, Igor Konashenkov said that Ukraine had 46 military installations, 181 aircraft and helicopters, 172 drones, 170 multi-barrel rocket launchers, 1,379 tanks and armored vehicles, 133 anti-aircraft guns. Craft missile systems, 514 Howitzer and mortar cannons and 1,168 special military vehicles were also destroyed.

Ukraine’s General Staff Headquarters released casualty figures for the Russian military from February 24 to March 17. According to these figures, the loss of life and property of Russia in the Ukraine-Russia war has reached 14,000 troops, 86 planes, 108 helicopters and 444 tanks.

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According to figures released by Ukraine, 1,435 armored vehicles, 72 rocket launcher systems and 43 air defense systems of the Russian Armed Forces have been destroyed.

The Russian Armed Forces also suffered losses of 864 vehicles, 3 light speed tankers, 60 fuel vehicles and 11 drones.

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