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What precautions should we take during an earthquake?

Important precautions for earthquake


What precautions should we take during an earthquake?

The earthquake is a natural disaster that can come and destruction, it is apparently impossible to predict the earthquake, so it is important for citizens to be aware of some important precautions in case of an earthquake.

Today, we are telling you some of the important safety tips for earthquakes that can protect you to some extent during an earthquake.

Important precautions for earthquake

When you feel the tremors of the earthquake, control your consciousness. Avoid running away without thinking and avoid jumping from the top floor, and screaming.

In the event of an earthquake, if you are in the house, immediately sit on the ground with your hands and feet and take shelter under a table and grab it with one hand, do not leave until the earthquake tremors end.

Important precautions for earthquake


Avoid running away during earthquake tremors.

Do not go near the heavy furniture in the house during the earthquake and take a distance, because of the earthquake that furniture can fall on you, plus do not try to pass through glass windows, due to the earthquake. The glass can be broken.

Do not use the elevator in the event of an earthquake as it is at risk of jamming.

Important precautions for earthquake


Do not try to get out of the house until the earthquake stops.

If you are out of the house at the time of the earthquake, go to the open space immediately, do not go near high buildings and electric wires as they can fall due to the earthquake and you can be trapped under the rubble.

If you are in the car, stop your vehicle in case of an earthquake, avoid parked a car near a bridge or building, and be aware that the bridge is not above or below the flyover and near the lightning wires.

In addition, if you are in a mountainous area, be careful that in the event of an earthquake, no stone will fall towards you due to land sliding.

What to do after an earthquake?

Once the earthquake is over, do not be satisfied at all, but be alert for the aftershocks.

In addition, do not try to burn matches or lighters after the earthquake, maybe the earthquake has damaged the gas line and as soon as you burn lighters, the fire will flare up.

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