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Is eating eggs daily good for heart health?

Is eating eggs daily good for heart health?


Is eating eggs daily good for heart health?

Is eating eggs daily good for the heart or harmful? American scientists have said that eggs can have some benefits and can have an impact on the heart.

According to scientists at the University of Boston, eating five eggs a week can help reduce blood pressure, and control blood glucose, which can inevitably benefit the heart.

Nutritionists, on the other hand, have emphasized more research and long-term studies, and this is why they are not describing eggs as harmful, or useful. Their effect is that it will only be better if the egg-eating rate is low.

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We know that eggs have protein and have benefits like vitamin D and Colin is also found. But eggs can create tightness in the blood vessels. Now the benefits of the eggs have come out directly rather than direct. The same position is also that of careful experts, ie one egg daily and without yellow.

Is eating eggs daily good for heart health?


In this study, scientists have seen a 1971 survey that reviewed 5,000 adults. This research is followed every year for four years. The summary is that the blood pressure was slightly normal for those who ate five or more eggs a week and the fasting blood sugar was less than average. In this way, the risk of diabetes decreases and a quiet illness like blood pressure is eliminated.

The study consisted of 30 to 64 people who later recorded their food every three days from 1983 to 1995. For a long time, those who ate more eggs did not have blood pressure, nor did their blood glucose increase.

However, critics say that eating eggs also includes blood fat and cholesterol, which is also an important sign of heart disease.

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