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Why Hareem Shah Slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi?

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Why Hareem Shah Slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi?

hareem shsh slapped mufti abdul Qavi

Hareem Shah is popularly known for her TikTok videos recently shared a video on Instagram in which he slapped Mufti Abdul Qavi.

Hareem Shah and his cousin Ayesha, who slapped Mufti Abdul Qawi, said that they slapped Mufti Abdul Qawi for immoral acts.

Talking to private TV 24 News, Ayesha said that Mufti Qawi harassed her and did immoral acts with her which led to her being slapped. Hareem Shah first hit Mufti Abdul Qawi with his shoes after which I slapped him. He tried to talk to me in a nasty way which made me angry.

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On the other hand, Hareem Shah has said that the girl who is seen slapping Mufti Abdul Qawi in the viral video is not me but my cousin Ayesha. Mufti Abdul Qawi was slapped due to immoral behavior and actions. I have many videos of Mufti Abdul Qavi. said, Hareem Shah


What will be the reason behind Hareem slapping Mufti Abdul Qavi on his face? Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.


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