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Kevin Hart reveals why he’ll never host the Oscars

Kevin Hart reveals why she will not host the Oscars again

Kevin Hart recently admitted that he has no intentions of hosting the Oscars again. During a recent interview with an International News Agency, Hart stated, “Whatever little hope you had, I want to destroy it right now. Those gigs aren’t good gigs for comics. It’s no shot to the Oscars, no shot to the Globes or anything else.”

Hart was initially slated to host the 2019 Oscars but withdrew at the last minute due to backlash over his anti-gay tweets and comments made during stand-up routines from a decade ago.

Explaining his decision to abstain from hosting award shows, Hart said, “Those just aren’t comedy-friendly environments anymore. I think they got it right one year where it was like just a bunch of personalities acting as the hosts, and that’s a nice thing.”

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“It’s a collaborative thing, different people get to be responsible for act one, act two, act three, but you know, the days of it being a room for a comic, those days are done,” added the actor and comedian.

While expressing his viewpoint, Hart also gave credit to fellow comics who have successfully hosted such events. “Shout out to those that have cracked the code and done it right early on, you know, the Chris Rocks of the world, the Billy Crystals of the world, the girls we’ve had like Tina Fey, Amy Poehler. Ricky Gervais,” continued the actor.

Hart emphasized, “It’s not the gig that it was of old. It’s too much pressure on the idea of a comic and what’s jokes and not jokes. So, it’s tough.”

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