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Google Maps Introduces 3D Buildings Feature to Enhance Navigation Experience

Google to introduce 3D Buildings Feature in Google map App

If you often use Google Maps to understand the routes while driving, the good news for you is that it is adding a useful feature.

3D Buildings Feature Google Map
The feature called 3D Buildings will be available to users soon in Google Maps.
By the way, 3D Building options are already available in the Google Maps app, but it is not possible to use it in navigation mode.
But now Google is facilitating the use of this feature in navigation mode.

According to a 9-to-5 Google report, 3D building options are currently available to some users during navigation in Google Maps and iOS apps.

This feature will be very helpful while traveling in cities. With this feature it will be easier to know which path to reach the destination will be better.

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To look at the buildings in 3D shape, the 3D layer must be turned on in the app’s map Detles section.
For this, select the 3D option by clicking on the layers icon in the app.

The buildings will be seen in 3D format after using the Navigation Mode.
This feature will be used in cities or more buildings and areas and must zoom in on the map.

As above, this feature is currently available to some users, but all users will likely be able to benefit from this feature soon.



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